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It is 21st Amendment Day.


I told you so.......,CST-NWS-SNEED29.article

"Sneed hears Stacy Peterson told a clergyman in August that her husband had claimed to have killed his former wife Kathleen Savio and made it look like an accident."

"On Sunday, Oct. 28, the day Stacy disappeared, she told Peterson she was leaving him and issued this ultimatum: She was going to begin divorce proceedings, and she wanted him out of the house by Wednesday, according to the source."

He also looks exactly like The Cowardly Loin from the Wizard Of Oz


Welcome Back Todd...

Thanks Todd.

Love Chicago.

The Bears, don't count them out until you count them in.


Theory: Stacey Peterson either knew too much about or actually helped kill Kathleen Savio with Drew Peterson and that is why she is 'missing'.

You heard it here first.


So I've been sick for the last few days. Still not feeling great, but my stomach has calmed down.

Almost every morning I think "I should post that on the old blog", but I never get around to it.

Maybe tomorrow will be the day.



betcha didn't think I would post again.



What in the hell is wrong with the people up in Milwaukee?